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We’re excited to support Steve always, for the entirety of his campaign and especially in The City of Lancaster on June 6, 2016 with a ritual- more soon…

“As an atheist and organizer for The Satanic Temple’s Los Angeles Chapter, I fight for true Religious Freedom”

(Los Angeles, Calif.) May 11, 2016 – Former U.S. Marine Sergeant Steve Hill is The Satanic Temple’s first political candidate who has openly acknowledged affiliation. Hill is running as a Democrat for the California State Senate (D-21).

Hill said in a statement, “I am not an establishment politician and my sense of civic responsibility is not compromised by religious loyalties. As an atheist and organizer for The Satanic Temple’s Los Angeles Chapter, I fight for true religious freedom. This includes preserving the right to believe or disbelieve as one sees fit, and to fight against theocratic assaults against our Constitutional liberties. If there is one thing that the presidential primaries have revealed, it’s that the American public has grown weary of the Establishment, and for good reason. When future historians try to figure out how a sideshow clown like Donald Trump managed to secure the GOP’s nomination — if not the presidency — they’ll have to consider the extreme disenfranchisement and distrust of the American electorate who came to prefer anybody who could speak openly, rather than another groomed puppet managed by insidious backers and a committee of pollsters. The age of corporate-sponsored candidates must come to an end. Let us come together to elevate our less privileged and provide opportunities for our children.”

The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, explains, “In a nation where our largest religious population: fights to uphold discrimination as a religious value, exonerates religious daycares and schools from meeting basic standards-of-care, allows children to be hit as a form of punishment in a significant number of public schools — all based upon archaic scriptural edicts; it is refreshing to have a candidate running for office who advocates for wholesome Satanic values. The Satanic Temple offers a counterbalance to theocratic evangelical politicians who pig-headedly overplay their hands by imposing their superstitious public displays, restricting reproductive rights, and fighting for regressive measures against gay rights. I’m extremely happy that Steve Hill is on the ballot, and I look forward to seeing him take his place in the Senate.”

About Steve Hill

An African American who began his life in poverty, Hill has dedicated his life to the service of his community. The candidate enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, earning the rank of Sergeant (E-5). He then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. After nearly a decade, he became part of the California Department of Corrections, assumed responsibility for student and faculty safety as the campus supervisor, and established his own company, Anaverde Appraisal, in the Antelope Valley in northern Los Angeles County. Having witnessed the mortgage meltdown and ongoing Wall Street corruption, as well as the underrepresentation for the working class families of America, Hill became a voice for the censored and suppressed through one of the purest forms of sociopolitical commentary, comedy. Utilizing his ability to induce laughter and joy, he addressed important issues in a dialogue-conducive environment. For more information about Steve Hill, please visit http://www.stevehillforsenate.com.