Come join us at the biggest TST event EVER- our historical Black Mass

The day after Friday the 13th, the week before the inauguration. We’ll have other fun stuff planed for you soon…

If you miss it, you’ll be sorry

Tickets are only 15.00

VIP tickets are 66.60 & include some fantastic goodies- like no waiting in line, event t-shirt & more…


On Saturday, January 14th, 2017, The Satanic Temple Los Angeles will be holding a Satanic Mass with our friends Das Bunker. Doubling as a fundraiser for our numerous endeavors such as the women’s reproductive rights campaign, lawsuits concerning violations of the First Amendment, and providing education and assistance to individuals incarcerated in our for-profit prison system, the purpose of the Mass is to inspire personal and societal liberation.

Please join us as we perform 3 rituals – a destruction ritual, an invocation ritual, and a bloodletting ritual – with live music by 3TEETH, Author & Punisher, Lumerians, William Morrisson, Matthew Setzer, Sister Calypso, a special lecture on demonic cats by acclaimed occult expert Dr. Paul Koudounaris, a comedy set by Satanic politician and TST LA member Steve Hill, surprise guests, and so much more. Despite rampant opposition months before the event, we hope you will celebrate liberation, rebellion and a new global Satanic alliance.

Ave Satanas,

The Satanic Temple Los Angeles